All we did was love each other, but...our love is forbidden.

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[2006, Japan / Color / Stereo / 90 min. / 19:9 LB / Region 1 (DVD)]

Starring: Saitou Takumi, Kotani Yoshikazu
Release Date: November 24, 2006
Trailer: YouTube


Just doing his job, magazine editor Taishin MAMIYA (Yoshikazu KOTANI) interviews high school model Noeru KISARAGI (Takumi SAITOU). Despite Noeru's bad attitude, an enchanting picture of the ocean he draws leads Mamiya to invite him out for dinner afterwards. They connect at the restaurant, but while in the bathroom there Noeru solicits Mamiya sexually. Mamiya can't go through with it.... The next morning, Noeru's office calls the magazine where Mamiya works. "Your editor was rude. Have him come and apologize." When Mamiya goes to Noeru's house to deliver the apology, he sees Noeru with a dirty-looking man. Mamiya is shocked to discover at that moment that his interest in Noeru goes beyond article research--he truly wants to know more about him....

Info taken from this DramaQueen forum post.


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